Thursday, July 12, 2012

Toyota Lemans Racer

L.A. design challenge #6

Technological superiority and endurance creates the ultimate race car that never needs to stop. Not only is the racer powered by highly efficient hydrogen fuel cell electric motors, each of its body panels is embedded with photovoltaic panels that supply electricity when extra energy is needed.

The vehicle features two basic modes: High Speed Mode and Cornering Mode. In High Speed Mode, the body and wheels narrow, creating less drag and resistance to reach its highest speed of 350 mph. The Cornering Mode transforms the body to create a wide and stable stance with expanded wheels, establishing maximum contact and grip through tight turns.

To aid the driver in darkness or unreliable weather, the cockpit is a completely digital environment with a display enhanced by virtual reality, computer trajectory plotting, collision avoidance assistance and a robot co-pilot, which manages the on-board systems and repairs so that it can maintain full speed all the way to the finish.