Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Zero Impact Vehicle concept

ZIV or Zero Impact Vehicle is a two-seater concept which was designed by Christopher Latta. The innovative concept is created for a greener life style for busy urban environment. It uses only reclaimed or recycled materials.
This futuristic vehicle is for efficient city use. The concept is powered by a hydrogen fuel battery, which generates water as the final mechanical waste and which can be preserved in a holding tank so as to use later.
The vehicle is special with its motionless rim design, where the tire travels around the rim by utilizing maglev unit like magnets that controls braking functions and all propulsion. The levitation magnets, which are located under the time, also serve as shock absorbers. The driver of this concept will be able to achieve balance on rough terrain through more powers on the magnets by the fuel cell and zero radius turning can be done with ZIV because of its two tires design, which make it easier to navigate and park on busy city streets.